Dr. Austin L. Temple Jr.
Dean, College of Science, Technology, & Business
Northwestern State University


Welcome to the Dean's Office


The mission of the College of Science, Technology, and Business parallels the mission of the University. The College of Science, Technology, and Business is committed to maintaining quality undergraduate and graduate curricula. Course offerings in the sciences, technologies, and business are designed to satisfy the requirements of the offered curricula, of the core curriculum, and of special requirements from other curricula and programs.

Excellence in teaching is the lofty goal of each faculty member in the College of Science, Technology, and Business. Research and scholarly activities are encouraged as a means of enhancing teaching and keeping curricula and course offerings fresh and current. Faculty recognize the importance of the interaction between themselves and the students as a vital link in the learning process.

The sphere of influence of the College of Science, Technology, and Business reaches far beyond the University. Faculty provide consultation services to regional industry, participate in community service activites, and generate research that will benefit economic development and quality of life in the region.

Phone: 318-357-6699
Office: 201D Russell Hall